Our philosophy

GuS is a medium-sized manufacturer of periscopes, bullet-resistant glass and protection modules for automotive manufacturing and operating worldwide. Therefore we fulfill expectations and requirements of our customers with high performance.The company attaches great importance to long-term and fair partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees.We are always looking for competent, qualified and reliable suppliers. These suppliers are regularly assessed on the criteria which are mentioned below.

Core values and guidelines


We are committed to the interests of our customers, shareholders and employees, and assume a responsibility towards society.

Sustainable economic success is only achievable due to customer satisfaction.  For this purpose we have to deliver high-quality goods at customer-oriented prices on time.


We act responsibly. Economic interests do not take precedence over legally, regulatory and ethically standards. With security, worker protection, health protection, environmentalism, export regulations etc. leading the way.

Environment protection

A gently and sustainable handling of natural resources is important for GuS.
If you want to apply as a new supplier, please send us a completed and signed self-assessment questionnaire (download area). Furthermore we need a detailed company description and product description. GuS ensures that process operations work energy-efficient with resource saving input. Accruing waste will be recycled or reused whenever possible.